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This site is dedicated to assisting with the re-homing of unwanted and abandoned pets in shelters across the U.K.

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There's No Room for Jugglers in my Circus


Jason Cook


Jason is a local author and below is what he has to say:
I've released a book about things that happened to me as I grew up in Borehamwood and the surrounding areas. It's quite honest and describes how some of the younger generation are perhaps growing up now. It's a bestseller in the Borehamwood W H Smiths.
I'm now trying to create an awareness for the local youth culture of how not to get involved in the things I did as a youngster. I'm now working alongside the community centre in Leeming Road, they are championing the book as we are in talks about a further education program for the youths within the local area.
I am open to all groups in the community to explain that the way I grew up isn't the way forward?
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